Law of Attraction: be thankful

Focus on what the universe gives you,  which you have set intention for. Show gratitude and give thanks. This helps with the continuous flow. Have fun! #loa #gratitude Advertisements

Cambodia: It sparked my light and opened my heart

Have you ever just had an overwhelming need to visit somewhere? I mean like the idea just pops into your head one day, you know very little about the country…the history or its people. And when you land, there’s an overwhelming sense of happiness that floods through your soul and fill you up, like you’re…

We are all energy. Go ahead and attract whoever you want

The coolest people I’ve ever met have the most colorful pasts, they’ve lived lives of risk, made bad choices, learned lessons, explored, and they’re not afraid of being real. Tattered tapestries woven of similar threads, they’re my kind of people. My favorite shades of crazy. ~ Stephen L Lizotte ~ Everything is energy including you…

All on our own path

Whatever your path or calling, you don’t need to explain it to anyone. Follow your instincts,  walk the paths you feel drawn to, find your passion and do what you enjoy the most. Everything else will fall into place.

A relationship should mean freedom not control

There is no room for control or jealousy in any type of relationship.  If the relationship is meant to be it will survive with freedom, love and respect.  Given mutually, installs trust.  Be with the person who makes you be the best version of yourself.

Who is the ‘warrior’?

There’s times when we feel we cannot take much more, but from nowhere comes strength. That is the warrior within.

Let your light shine

On so many occasions now there have been numerous requests to start blogging about the mystical things in life.  It has taken a long time for me to have the courage to do it.  It is not easy to open up and ‘put yourself out there’ when it comes to your beliefs, especially when they…