Let your light shine

On so many occasions now there have been numerous requests to start blogging about the mystical things in life.  It has taken a long time for me to have the courage to do it.  It is not easy to open up and ‘put yourself out there’ when it comes to your beliefs, especially when they are beliefs manufactured by myself.  I do not consider myself religious, yet I know there is an energy to which we are all connected.  This energy is the most powerful thing I have felt, and it is connected to the universe.  How do I know? I have no idea, I just do. But I will try to explain.  But first a little bit more about me, the author….as I believe it is important to know at least a little about the person’s stuff you are reading.

I come from the North of England, UK, Planet Earth.  A lot of my time is spent searching for answers.  As a kid I always new there was something else.  Actually, as a child I was a bit different to most.  I knew answers to things I should nt have known answers to. I am not saying I was some prodigal child…but nonetheless, it was a little strange. One example I can give was when I was about 7 years old and I asked mum where dad was, as he was nt in the house when I had got up. She replied telling me he had gone to work early.  I knew that was nt the truth, and just looked at mum and raised my eyebrows.  She quickly turned away, trying to hide the tears.  Turned out dad had nt been home that night. But I knew that already and I knew that this meant something bigger. Soon after, they separated. This is probably one of my earliest recollections of having a strong intuition.  It’s not ground breaking, and I am sure some of you will be thinking there’s some logical reason why I would have known. but I had never even so much as heard mum and dad arguing before that day.

As I grew older I started having dreams about things, and they would come true, or they would have hidden meanings. One persistent dream is of a particular grandparent sat in a chair in a dark room surrounded by smoke.  I now know that means they have or are getting a chest infection. Whenever I have that dream it results in me taking a visit to my granddad to check on him, and 9 time out of 10 I end up ringing the doctor!

I remember one of my grandmas saying to my dad when I was around 12 years old “she’s going to be different when she grows up.” I was never a follower, always a thinker who enjoyed my own space and thoughts.  That was until men became involved in my life, and I slowly but surely I disappeared…until one day I no longer recognised myself. Between 16 years of age and 30 years of age I endured a lot of emotional abuse from relationships, both romantic and in some instances from family.

It has taken a lot to build myself back up.  I was broken, I had to strip everything back and rebuild myself. I now know that it was necessary and the reasons why, but at the time it was truly the hardest thing I have done.  The whole process has taken years.

In and amongst ALL of this I had a lot of ‘stuff’ going on in the background…I was being drawn to things and I was starting to notice things, which I had never noticed before.  As much as I felt it would be easier to carry on with my life, there was no way the universe was going to let me.  It had different ideas!!!  There is too much to mention in this one post and I promise I will get around to sharing these things with you one at a time.  But my biggest realisation of all….IF SOMETHING IS TOO DAMN DIFFICULT THEN IT IS NOT PART OF THE PLAN.  JUST ABANDON IT, BECAUSE IT IS NOT RIGHT.  Whether it is the time, the place, the people involved, money….whatever….if it should ve been easy but stumbling blocks are thrown in your path, believe that the universe is telling you that it is not right. These difficulties stop you from being able to shine your light, and when your light goes out, or if it even dims….you will notice that things do not go your way. No matter how much you want them.







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